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New York State Judge Upholds Ban on Fracking – a town actually can prevent carcinogens from being injected into their water!

Reuters reports that a New York state judge on Friday upheld an upstate New York ban on fracking, citing that towns have authority to regulate use of their land.  We believe this is good news, and find it unimaginable that a town could not be granted the right to ban oil companies from injecting known carcinogens into their water supply!

The blog is against fracking. We’ve read much of the literature on the subject, and understand the reasons why the practice has so much support (money, reduction of dependence on foreign oil, money, and money).  The more we tolerate and invest in fracking, the more we push back the timetable for renewables.

Speaking of money, there are billions to be made by those who solve our energy problems with renewables such as wind and solar!