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Ecos-Powercube gives you anytime solar power – anywhere in the world

For organizations that need to install an office quickly, virtually anywhere in the world where the sun shines, the unique Ecos- Powercube can be up and running in no time without needing a generator.


The solar panels fold out, and the cube has batteries that are charged during the day that provide power all night long, if needed.

Perfect for a remote research station, exploration office, and of course, military purposes.

See more information from Ecosphere Technologies.

Generating electricity from water flowing through pipes

Think how much electricity could be generated if all of the kinetic energy of water running through pipes could be converted to electricity.  It boggles the mind – and someone is doing something about it.  Lucid Energy has developed an “in pipe” hydropower system designed to generate millions of megawatt hours of renewable electricity from the water already flowing through pipelines without interrupting flow.

According to their data sheet – “LucidPipe can operate across a wide range of flow conditions, volumes and velocities. The unique lift-based vertical axis spherical turbine design of LucidPipe generates electricity by extracting excess head pressure from large diameter (24”-96”), gravity-fed water pipelines and effluent streams. To maximize electricity generation, several LucidPipe systems can be rapidly and easily installed into a single pipeline, enabling operations to continue normally.

“The amount of electricity generated is a function of the rate of flow and the pressure inside the transmission pipe. For example, in a standard 60-inch-diameter pipeline, with flow velocity of seven feet per second and 12 feet of excess head pressure, a single LucidPipe unit can produce up to 100kW of power while extracting less than 1 PSI from the system. Adding multiple turbines in a pipeline with these characteristics has the potential to generate billions of megawatts of renewable energy without environmental impact.

Because this system doesn’t disrupt the flow of water or require a dam, multiple units can be installed, one after another, along the entire pipeline.  So the amount of electricity generated from a flow of water is dependent upon how many LucidPipe systems are installed.