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Good article about Wind Power preconceptions

We’ve been saying for a while that wind needs to get more local – even to the point of putting wind generators on rooftops just like solar installations. Here’s a good article from the energy collective that supports our viewpoint.


Note, it’s really windy out today – but no one I can see anywhere nearby is taking advantage of it to create electricity!


Finally, A True Plug and Play Solar Power Installation for Your Home

If you are a DIYer, now there’s a true “plug and play” solar power generator in the true sense of the word.

plug-and-play-solar has developed turnkey solar systems that allow you to install them on your roof and then simply plug them into the wall socket, and you will be saving electricity costs immediately.  The company claims a payback of the units to be about 7 years.

plug and play solar home installation

More details in this article from clean technica.

Impressive Infographic of the Major US Solar Power Plants

solar installation

With all of the misinformation about solar power, it’s easy to lose sight of the impressive amount of investment that has been made for major solar power plants (not to mention of thousands of rooftop installations). Here’s a great infographic to give you not only the scale but also visuals of the impressive solar arrays in the southwest of the us.

See the article here.