Pythagoras Solar turns windows into solar electricty generators

It seems so logical – install photo voltaic cells in windows that are bombarded by light in order to both reduce the amount of heat that passes through and generate solar energy. Pythagoras Solar has done just this with their new Photovolatic Glass Unit (PVGU).  The double pane glass incorporate optical units, PV collectors and proprietary software to make insulated windows into power generators.  Per the company’s data sheet:

Structured as a standard insulated glass unit (IGU) Pythagoras Solar’s photovoltaic glass unit (PVGU) is the only glazing product that combines high density solar power generation with the energy efficiency benefits of an IGU, while providing quality daylighting and preventing direct solar radiation from entering the building. This delivers a new level of design flexibility to the architecture, construction and engineering industries, enabling the creation
of cost-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, self-powered buildings. Pythagoras Solar’s customers are able to realize the benefits of energy efficiency, generation and daylighting in a single, innovative product that meets today’s energy demands.

For the techies among you, here’s how it works (taken from their data sheet):


The windows can generate 120 Wp/m2, per their data sheet.

The one thing you do lose is a clear view out the window. which is why we believe that these are ideally designed for skylights.

See the Pythagoras Website for more information.