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Next time you paint your house, maybe it will make solar energy too!

Sounds like science fiction, but so did talking to a device and getting an intelligent answer a few years ago. Imagine if the paint on everyone’s house, and the roofing materials, all incorporated photovoltaic materials so that exposure to sunlight would create electricity. Yes, you would essentially be able to use your entire house to generate electricity, instead of just a few square feet on your roof.Scientists at several research instituations, including Swansea University and the University of Texas, are working on different versions of this idea, and are at the stage where the basic concept can be made to work, although they are quite far from making it cost effective or manufacturable. But they certainly are on an amazing path, which we will watch closely on this blog. Thanks to eco20-20.comfor their interesting article.

Smart Windows that block heat when needed, reducing air conditioning costs

We’re strong believers that Small Businesses with big ideas will lead many of the technological innovations that will move us to a more intelligent use of energy and resources in the future.  There are millions of great ideas out there percolating in the minds of entrepreneurs who combine their vision with a profit motive.

One such company we came across is RavenBrick. This Denver-based company specialises in thromochromic technology that blocks or stores heat, depending on the situation. They will be launching the RavenBrick Smart Window technology. In their words:

This adaptive smart-window for use in commercial, residential and industrial buildings uses RavenBrick’s thermochromic technology. It reflects the sun’s heat outside when it’s hot, and lets the sunshine in when it’s cool.  It saves up to 30% on heating and cooling year round, without using electricity or hard-wired control systems.  Besides reducing energy consumption and costs, RavenWindow is easy-to-install, can be retrofitted to fit existing frames and improves the temperate and light-glare comfort for people inside the building.

The product will be available in 2012.

They also have announced additional products that help to make homes more eco-friendly One that caught our eye is RavenSkin, which will absorb, store and release heat during th winter, and keep buildings cooler in the summer – reducing the need for heat and air conditioning. This will be available in 2013.

More about these products on the RavenBrick web site.